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Wendy Wax Photo for HC 2I’ve always loved to read, write, and draw. When I was little, I wanted to be an author and artist and spent many hours in my room doing all three. (I now have a closet full of stories, sketchbooks, and journals to prove it!)

After graduating from the University of Michigan with a degree in graphic design, I moved to New York City and started working in children’s publishing-first as a managing editor at the Kipling Press. When asked to come up with ten book ideas and hire people to write them, I came up with twenty ideas and ended up hiring myself to write six of them. My first published book was called “Inside the Aquarium.

Inside the Aquarium Wendy Wax

Inside the Aquarium

Next, I got a job as a senior editor at Parachute Press. I loved working there and wore many hats. I edited, compiled, and sometimes wrote picture books, chapter books, anthologies, puzzle books, and middle-grade fiction.

During this time, I also became obsessed with creating collages-so obsessed that my boss once shouted from her office “Who has been cutting up our books.” (I know it was wrong and would never do it again.)

I started selling my collages at the Washington Square Art Fair and getting commissions from ad agencies, educational publishers, newspapers, and magazines, includingUTNE Reader, The New York Times, Good Housekeeping, The Daily News, The New York Law Journal, Mortgage Banking, American Express, Highlights, and The Washington Post.

Inside the aquarium

After that I worked as Executive Editor at Byron Preiss Visual Publications and then went freelance. I spent a year designing books for Seth Godin, and then was a part-time editor at Simon & Schuster. I started out editing and then ended up writing many books based on Nickelodeon shows, including Dora the Explorer, Backyardigans, Bob the Builder, Diego, Rugrats, Fairly OddParents, and SpongeBob. I have also written, and sometimes illustrated, many of my own books, including City Witch, Country Switch (Marshall Cavendish), Even Firefighters Go to the Potty (Little Simon), Bus to Booville (Grosset & Dunlap),

Wendy Wax Mortage BankingRenoir and the Boy with the Long Hair (Barron’s), A Very Mice Christmas (Harper Festival), Clara the Klutz (InnovativeKids), and Even Princesses Go to the Potty (Little Simon).

In addition writing my own books, I’ve been writing books for HarperCollins’ “I Can Read” series. These include ten “Pete the Cat” books based on the character created by James Dean. I illustrated “Pinkeriffic Playdate”, from Victoria Kan’s bestselling “Pinkalicious” series.

I feel lucky and grateful to spend my days doing what I love. I now live on Eastern Long Island with my husband, Jon Holderer, a photographer, and my 14-year-old, amazing son Jonah.